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Abbreviations Used in the MOBOTIX Camera

The abbreviations (also called 'symbols') listed in the table below are displayed at the bottom of the camera images. They inform you about camera events and actions as well as errors and display status information.

These shortcuts are visible in the Live images, the stored images and the event stories. For example, using the abbreviations displayed in the Player images you can identify the event that has triggered the storage of an image or event story.

Event Names

Event names are displayed in the lower left corner of the image and indicate the activated events. Symbols are only shown for activated events.

Color Coding of Event Names Using the UserClick Example

State Color Example Remark
Enabled White UserClick  
Triggered Red UserClick  
Event Dead Time Grey UserClick Only, if an Event Dead Time has been set for the corresponding event profile.

Action symbols

These symbols are displayed in the lower right corner of the image and indicate that the corresponding action or message is active. Parentheses enclosing a group of symbols indicate their shared membership of an Action Group A "|" (pipe character) between these symbols means that they are executed simultaneously, ">" means consecutively in the order shown.

Color coding of action symbols using the example of EM (E-Mail)

State Color Example Remark
Enabled Yellow EM  
Executed Aqua EM This action is currently executed.
Inactive Grey EM E.g. by time table.
Error Red EM  

As Recording has additional options, the REC symbol has an expanded color scheme (see table below).

List of Action Symbols

Symbol Description
CL Making a phone call
CT Receive a JPEG comment via the RS232 interface
EM Send an E-Mail
FS Storing images on a File Server
FT Perform File Transfer action
HR Record history image
IP Send TCP Message

The camera is storing images in its internal storage (RAM).

Colors of the REC symbol:

State Color Example Remark
Enabled Yellow REC  
Inactive Grey REC By time table or when recording is deactivated (Arm Recording is Off or has been deactivated using a key switch in conjunction with the signal input).
Event Recording Aqua REC Only while an event recording is taking place.
Continuous Recording Green REC  
Error Red REC  
SD Sound on event
SO Switching Signal Output is active
TR The Terminate Recording action has been triggered and the camera has stopped recording. The symbol is displayed in gray (TR) and a message in the live image above the symbols will indicate the status.
VA Visual Alarm is active

Status Symbols

These symbols are displayed in the lower right corner of the image to indicate a certain status of the camera. The default color is yellow: DY.

Symbol Description
DY The camera is using the day lens (only Day/Night models).
NI The camera is using the night lens (only Day/Night models).

Additional Symbols

These additional symbols are not linked to a specific event or action and are only displayed above the event symbols if an error has occurred. The default color is yellow: LG.

Symbol Description
LG Error processing a logo.
OA Error obscuring image areas.
SB Error triggering a softbutton function.

Informational Symbols

These symbols are not linked to events nor actions either. They are displayed only to indicate the state of various camera functions. They always appear in grey color and in brackets: [exp].

Symbol Description
[exp] The maximum possible frame rate is currently not available due to exposure settings.


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