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System Backup and Restore

The Backup and Restore dialog enables you to store the current configuration of the camera and attached MxBus modules as an encrypted backup on the camera's SD card and to restore the configuration from such a backup.

Note: The encryption is based on the Super PIN. If a Super PIN has not been configured, you can do so in the Users and Passwords dialog.

Backing Up the System Configuration

Click on the Start Backup button in order to create a system backup. The camera can store max. five backups. If five backups have been stored, the camera will remove the oldest one if you create another backup.
Every backup has its own timestamp, allowing you to differentiate between the different backups.

Restoring the System Configuration

Select the backup you want to restore and enter the corresponding Super PIN. Next, click on the Restore configuration and reboot button. After having restored the configuration, the system will automatically reboot to finalize the process.

Note on the Dependency between the Backup Feature and the Super PIN

All backups are encrypted using the current Super PIN. When changing the Super PIN, the camera automatically adjusts the encryption of the existing backups.

A special situation may occur if you are bringing a camera with existing backups that had been used before back into service and if you are setting a new Super PIN. In such a case, accessing the existing backups is not possible any more for security reasons. Similarly, creating new backups in this case.

If you want to access the backups again, you can change the Super PIN to the digits that had been used previously. If this is not possible (e.g., since the old Super PIN is not known), you can still delete all existing backups. The camera will re-initialize the encryption mechanism and you can create new backups.

Delete All System Configuration Backups

Click on the Delete all Backups button if you want to remove all backups that are stored on the SD card. This may make sense, for example, if the camera is used for a different purpose.

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