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Privacy Mode

Use the Privacy Mode, if you would like to deactivate the whole system, i.e. recording and any kind of camera access is rendered impossible until you deactivate this mode. While this lock can be deactivated directly from this computer, you will need the user name and password set in this dialog to deactivate the lock from a different computer. Note that the cameras are also signaling this operating mode by a specific LED blinking pattern.

Activating the "Privacy Mode"

To activate this mode, enter a user name and password, then click on the Set button.

Caution: This mode becomes effective immediately after you click on the Set button. If you would like to access the camera again, you need to use the access data you defined when activating the Privacy Mode.

Effects Of The "Privacy Mode"

Signaling by the Camera LEDs

The different MOBOTIX cameras are displaying the following blinking patterns once they have been switched to Privacy Mode:

Camera Type LEDs Blinking Pattern
Cameras with four LEDs

LED 0 flashes red every 3 seconds
LED 3 flashes red every 3 seconds, in sync with LED 0

Cameras with two LEDs

LED 0 flashes green every 3 seconds
LED 1 flashes green every 3 seconds, in sync with LED 0

Deactivating the Privacy Mode

Proceed as follows to deactivate the Privacy Mode:

Description of Parameters

Parameter Description
User Name The user name for accessing the camera if the Privacy Mode is active.
Login Password The password for accessing the camera if the Privacy Mode is active.

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